About JF, photographer


Looking tired in a mountain hut after a good day out...

I specialize in evocative landscapes, where bringing a sense for the place is essential. I live in Finland but travel often to my native France, and other countries.

I provide mainly stock photography for commercial uses, but if you have in mind a project where my landscape skills would be an asset, contact me and let's talk about it!



Who made your website?

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What camera do you use?

Gear does not really matter as long as you can control it. Life is too short to worry about gear. Image quality is important, but the subject matter and the emotional impact of an image is what really counts. Very unfortunately for both Art and our planet's resources, many find it easier to ponder what gear to buy or dream about, rather than how to make better images.

I feel that owning a lot of stuff is a burden, and I also love traveling light. So I keep my equipment down to the minimum. Here are the details if you are really interested:

  • a standard digital SLR. I currently use a Canon 5D II, not that I'd find it very interesting, but because it is convenient and offers a relatively good quality output.
  • 2 old manual Zeiss lenses (28 and 50mm). Their quality is amazing, they're small and lightweight, and they are much more appealing to me than big clunky plastic zooms, red ring or not. I'm very sensitive about environmental and sustainability issues, so I also feel much better about using quality second-hand gear rather than purchasing brand new stuff if I don't have to. I do occasionally use a Canon 70-200 zoom, but that's very rare.
  • a Basalt Gitzo tripod with a lightweight Acratech head - quality does not age.
  • a pano/stitching base. I regularly stitch to get the angle of view and the image proportions I want - as well as more megapixels for the few occurrences my clients need them.

Do you run workshops?

Sorry, not for the time being.

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